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Report to Your Class Activity

Report to Your Class Activity

Do you know someone who has had an electrical shock or has been struck by lightning? Interview that person and tell his or her story to your class. Ask the who, what, where, when, and how questions that journalists ask when preparing a news report:

  1. Who was involved?
  2. What happened?
  3. Where did the incident happen?
  4. When did it happen?
  5. How could it have been avoided?
  6. How has the person’s behavior around electricity or storms changed since the incident?

If you have an electric shock or lightning strike story of your own, answer these questions about your own experience.

If you don’t know someone personally who suffered an electrical accident or lightning strike, research at the library or on the Internet to find a newspaper article or other resource for information about an accident.

Write an article about your interview, your experience, or the story you discovered in your research. Tell the story in an oral report to your class or discuss it with a partner. Lead a discussion about what could have been done to prevent the incident.

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