Read about your highest score to see which careers might be right for you. If you scored the same for two or three different categories, then you’re quite versatile and would be content with a variety of jobs.

If you like investigating things, or using math and science to solve problems, you might enjoy being an electrical or seismic engineer, or an environmental scientist.

 If you like outdoor adventure and physical activity, there are jobs that will get you outside working in the elements, such as a line worker who repairs power lines after storms, or a laborer or operator out at sea on an oil or gas rig.

 If you love to do hands-on construction, maintenance, or repairs, you might enjoy being a power plant operator, mechanic, or equipment technician.

 If you’re a people person, you might enjoy working as part of a team or helping the public, for example as a natural gas service worker, an environmental educator, a customer service representative, or a project manager.