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Safe Tree Planting Checklist

If someone you know wants to plant a tree, use this checklist to help make sure it will grow a safe distance from power lines. Print this checklist and write answers in the lines provided.

Where do you want to plant a tree?
What specific type of tree do you want to plant?
How tall will the tree be when it is fully grown? feet tall

How wide will its branches stretch? feet wide (Call a local nursery if you are not sure. Even if your project is small, it is ALWAYS best to call.)

Will the tree come within 10 feet of high-voltage power lines when it is fully grown?If yes, consider a smaller tree or a different spot. Trees close to power lines are dangerous!
Will the tree or shrub come within 3 feet of the sides or back of, or 10 feet in front of, a pad-mounted transformer?If yes, reposition the tree so that it has these clearances at full growth, or choose a different location.
Before planting your tree, call 811 to make sure you won't contact underground power lines or other buried utilities when you dig. The service is free.