The Clubhouse Kids Make a Big Difference

SubjectGradeBroad Standard ReferenceStandard CodeStandard NameStandard
Science2Knowledge and Skills112.13.b.1.BScientific Investigation and ReasoningIdentify and demonstrate how to use, conserve, and dispose of natural resources and materials such as conserving water and reuse or recycling of paper, plastic, and metal.
Science2Knowledge and Skills112.13.b.2.EScientific Investigation and ReasoningCommunicate observations and justify explanations using student-generated data from simple descriptive investigations.
Science2Knowledge and Skills112.13.b.3.AScientific Investigation and ReasoningIdentify and explain a problem and propose a task and solution for the problem.
Science2Knowledge and Skills112.13.b.8.BEarth and SpaceIdentify the importance of weather and seasonal information to make choices in clothing, activities, and transportation.
Science3Knowledge and Skills112.14.b.2.AScientific Investigation and ReasoningPlan and implement descriptive investigations, including asking and answering questions, making inferences, and selecting and using equipment or technology needed, to solve a specific problem in the natural world.
Science3Knowledge and Skills112.14.b.2.FScientific Investigation and ReasoningCommunicate valid conclusions supported by data. . . through verbal discussion.
Science3Knowledge and Skills112.14.b.6.AForce, Motion, and EnergyExplore different forms of energy, including mechanical, light, sound, and thermal in everyday life.
Science3Knowledge and Skills112.14.b.7.CScientific Investigation and ReasoningExplore the characteristics of natural resources . . . and how resources may be conserved.
Science3Knowledge and Skills112.15.b.6.AForce, motion, and energy.The student is expected to explore different forms of energy, including mechanical, light, sound, and thermal in everyday life.
Science4Knowledge and Skills112.15.b.1.BForce, motion, and energy.Make informed choices in the use and conservation of natural resources and reusing and recycling of materials such as paper, aluminum, glass, cans, and plastic.