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CPS Energy knows that teachers possess the power to enlighten students. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources. That’s why we’re glad to offer you FREE educational booklets and downloadable teacher’s guides and pre/post tests.

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Energy For Today And Tomorrow Activity Book

Item: #35450Grades: PreK to 2

A friendly dinosaur introduces kids to the concepts of energy in our daily lives, various types of energy resources, and sensible energy usage. Includes a simple format and engaging activities such as coloring, matching, tracing, and sequencing that are perfect for early readers and non-readers alike.

35450 CPS ETT Book Cover 0622

Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power: An Energy Safety Tale

Item: #36205Grades: K-2

Three lovable kittens and their Aunt Sarah introduce kids to the basics of electricity and electrical and natural gas safety. Includes activities such as sequencing, matching, and word puzzles, and is ideal for read-alouds.

36205 CPS AS en Book Cover 0123

La tía Sara y la energía asombrosa: una historia de energía y seguridad

Item: #36540Grades: K-2

Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power: An Energy Safety Tale in Spanish

36540 CPS AS Book Cover sp 0622

Stay Safe Around Electricity and Natural Gas

Item: #37990Grades: 3-6

16 pages of factoids, activities, hidden pictures, and math exercises expound upon the importance of electrical and natural gas safety. Includes topics such as conductivity, under- and above-ground utility equipment, hazard recognition, and the appropriate response to hazards.

37990 CPS SS Book Cover 0622

The Clubhouse Kids Make a Big Difference

Item: #38015Grades: 2-4

A compelling story details the efforts of a group of kids who are in danger of losing their clubhouse if they can’t reduce their energy usage. Intertwines the themes of energy waste, conservation, and stewardship with simple, introspective exercises that prompt kids to consider their own energy usage, along with ways to reduce it. Includes a home energy inspection checklist, club membership certificate, and more.

38015 CPS ClubhouseKids Book Cover 0622

Energy Efficiency World

Item: #38020Grades: 4-6

Fascinating experiments, creative exercises, and inspection activities address key scientific concepts such as the forms and uses of energy, energy generation and distribution, the greenhouse effect, and more. Includes practical tips for energy conservation at home and at school.

38020 CPS EEW en Book Cover 0622

Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World

Item: #38390Grades: 4-6

16 pages of activities, experiments, and true-life stories pique student interest and expound upon the science and safety of electricity and natural gas. Features topics such as atoms and electrons, currents and circuits, renewable forms of energy, natural gas distribution, and much more, along with “What Do You Think?” questions that challenge students to think beyond the page lessons.

38390 CPS ENGSW cmb en Book Cover 0622

Mundo de seguridad con la electricidad y el gas natural

Item: #38395Grades: 4-6

Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World in Spanish

38395 ENGSW cmb sp Book Cover 0622